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Anish Thakkelapally



  • 2019 – Present Bachelors., Chemical Engineering
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA



This semester, I have been working on a project aimed to platform a MATLAB milling model for dynamic modeling using excel. The goal was to be able to control user input and output through excel running MATLAB scripts in the background. Using the MATLAB add-on, and spreadsheet links, I was able to declare variables and run MATLAB functions all within excel. The larger picture of this project is to create commercial models that are user-friendly for people who lack knowledge in MATLAB or coding in general. In addition to platforming this milling model, I spent time understanding the model and the dynamics of changing certain user-input variables. More specifically, I spent time understanding the effects of changing the impeller speed on particle size distribution by dynamically modeling distributions at different speeds within excel.

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