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As continuous manufacturing of pharmaceutical processes continues gather importance from a scientific and technological perspective, we are working to develop integrated open-loop and closed-loop flowsheet configurations of the downstream pharmaceutical process from crystallization to tablet dissolution. This would enable us to better understand from a process-wide perspective the effects of upstream variables on downstream product attributes. We are also studying the effect of different control strategies (structural and parametric) to maximize the performance of the integrated process, both in simulation and in the pilot-plant. The integration of in-line sensing tools is a key aspect of closed-loop control of the pilot-plant.

Real Time Monitoring

Example of validation of transfer function model used for feed-forward controller (fill depth vs. main compression force)

Hybrid MPC-PID Control

Example of control hardware and software integration

Hybrid Control

System-wide Hybrid MPC-PID control scheme for direct compaction continuous tablet manufacturing process

Control Scheme of Rutgers University Continuous Pharmaceutical Production Line